Country Girls come in all shapes and sizes, but there’s one thing we all have in common. We love a great pair of blue jeans.

Here are 5 tips on finding the right pair of jeans no matter what your body type.

1. Don’t Buy Jeans That Are Too Small or Too Big

Be sure to find a pair that fit just right on the waist. Denim will work with your body tight so long as you stay within these guidelines. Try on several pairs in different brands. Just because the size number is the same doesn’t mean all brands will fit you the same.

2. Recognize Your Body Type

If you want to find a pair of jeans that make you feel great, you need to first identify your body type.

* If you carry most of your weight on top, try on a pair of boot leg jeans with a small flare. This will balance out your bottom half.

* For those girls that are more bottom heavy, avoid slim-fit jeans at all costs. They will only enhance your bottom area. Instead, go for a straight legged jean. Your legs will look longer and thinner.

* If you’re a thin girl, try on a pair of rectangular skinny, or wide leg jeans.

3. Try Out Different Washes

* Darker Wash jeans can be dressed up for a night on on the town and provide a more slimming look.

* Medium Wash denim provides a more casual – daytime look.

* A Light Wash Jean or Stone Wash or give a more rugged/rocker Country Girl look.

Have fun with it!

4. Pay Attention To The Rise

A low rise jean that sits below the waist can get you in trouble. Make note of how they look like when you take a seat. You don’t want to turn heads for the wrong reasons.

A high waisted jean can provide a slimming effect on the waist.

With a mid-rise jean, you’ll need to be careful with the fit. If they’re too tight, this can create the illusion of a “muffin top” and make you look bulgy at the waist.

5. Comfort Matters

This is the most important tip of all. If you can’t breathe in your jeans, get rid of them immediately! Listen to your body. If your jeans are leaving marks on your skin, then they’re too tight. If you’re having to pull them up every 10 seconds, you’ll need a different fit. Jeans should always be comfortable.

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Country Girls of all kinds love Fall. Whether it’s back to school, hunting season, or perfect temperatures for enjoying the outdoors, there’s something for everyone to fall for! Our CG Girls are no exception. See why Annie, Charley, Etta, and Jane love Autumn, and see what they’re wearing this season!


Annie is our girly-girl, but she’s sharp as a tack. Annie loves back-to-school shopping, and organizing both her locker and her closet.

Annie’s pick:

Rhinestones, angel wings, pink, and paisley – Annie is all over it. Annie pairs her pick with a cute denim mini, and boots, of course.


Charley is our hardworking tomboy, and a sharpshooting hunter in the Fall. She keeps her style simple and practical, but effortlessly cool.

Charley’s pick:

Charley is rarely found not wearing jeans and boots. She’s all about Fall staples, and this outfit is no exception.


Etta is our boho Country Girl. She’s in tune with nature, so she loves all the changing colors of Fall. Etta can be found horseback riding through fields or collecting leaves.

Etta’s pick:

Sunflower and script over a rich purple and a cool style, this hooded 3/4 sleeve is perfect for Etta. Etta pairs this top with a flowy maxi skirt and her trademark long, wavy hair.


Jane loves Autumn air. With Halloween, and campfires for scary stories and Truth or Dare, Fall is perfect for this wild child.

Jane’s pick:

Jane adores the comfy fit and sporty style of this fleece sweatshirt. She would pair it with her favorite destroyed denim and cowboy boots.

Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!