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Which Country Music Artist Is This- (1)


1. She’s a Kansas girl born and bread.


2. At the age of 9 she began singing with her father’s band “The Shifftlers.”


3. As a teenager she began performing with a rock band called “The Penetrators.”


4. She used to help sell Garth Brooks souvenirs.


5. She has sold over 14 million albums and is 14 time Grammy Awards nominee.


It’s Martina McBride!


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Music brings people together, and one of the best moments in anyone’s life is meeting one of your favorite artists. That moment was made possible for Theresa Shaw who has been fighting Stage 3 breast cancer.

USA Today says after treatment she attended one of Garth Brook’s concert with her daughter and made a simple sign reading “Chemo this morning, Garth tonight, Enjoying The Dance.”

When Garth saw the sign, he was overcome with emotion. Watch the video below.

We’re glad you enjoyed “The Dance” Theresa.

YouTube/Brooks Goedderz

1. This Country Music Star was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma

2. Athletics was his main focus as a young adult. He received a track scholarship to Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, where he competed in the javelin.

3. He has a degree in advertising.

4. Although he never achieved great success like that in music, he had a short career in baseball.

5. He is known as the ‘Artist of The 90’s’

Can you guess who it is?

It’s Garth Brooks!