Country Living














Being a Country Girl is a huge blessing. Here is why I’m thankful to be a Country Girl.


1. I can get my hands dirty and feel amazing doing it.






2. Daddy taught me how to be a tough lady.

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3. I can drive a stick shift anytime, anywhere.













4. Keeping up with the boys is no problem.








5. Starry nights are always mesmerizing.











6. Boots are a way of life.










7. I can enjoy a nice, cold glass of sweet tea on a hot summer day.








8. This was one of my first birthday gifts.










9. Dad knows how to keep my boyfriend in check.










10. I have really cool role models like this lovely lady.










11. Hunting is always pretty epic.








12. Life is good.



Thanksgiving-DinnerWe love Thanksgiving so much. The family comes in from far and wide. Some cousins you haven’t seen since you were in diapers.

There’s football, laughter, and all the food you can get.  I mean sure, you can eat healthy too, after all there is green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, and sweet potato pie. That’s a good mix of fruits and veggies, right?

Here are 12 must haves for the perfect Country Thanksgiving.

1. Turkey
Whether it’s deep fried, or baked to perfection. Some like it sweet, some like it smoked, and some like it barbecued.

2. Mashed Potatoes
No one in their right might could deny this fluffy, buttery, goodness. Add a bit of garlic and basil and you’re in business.

3. Gravy
Mmmmm… We could swim in it.

4. Sweet Cornbread Pudding
We can’t begin to describe the yummy goodness that’s in bread pudding.

5. Country Ham
What’s wrong with a little extra meat? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

6. Cranberry Sauce
Whether it’s out of the can or homemade. We don’t care, it’s a must!

7. Cornbread Stuffing
Anything with cornbread and stuffing in the same sentence is a win in my book.

8. Green Bean Casserole
I’m going to stop you right there while I catch my breath. Green Bean casserole is a dream, and it’s healthy too (sort of)! We like it with mushroom sauced, baked with crunchy onions, and yumminess.

9. Sweet Potato Pie/Pecan Pie/ Pumpkin Pie
All the pies, we want them all.

10. Your Signature Cocktail
Whether you’re a mimosa girl, or like to slip in a bit of Moonshine in your Sweet Tea. You know you need something to watch down all that food and get you prepped for the game.

11. Football
I’m a Texas girl, and we love our Cowboys. I won’t apologize for it.

12. Your Crazy Country Family
Mom, Dad, Nana, my crazy siblings. I love them all. Spend some time with the family and cherish these moments. They are the best of times.

– Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s getting to be that time of the summer where you start looking forward to fall. Bonfires, football season, all the cutest clothes, and back to school. If you’re moving into a new dorm room soon, here are some ideas for how you can make your place feel more rustic, fun, country, and like home. Of course, you could adapt these tips to any room!

1. Pallet Shoe Shelf

An old pallet is perfect for storage. It sits flat against the wall to save space, and shoes fit perfectly between the slats. Use the sides for bags, hats, scarves, or whatever else you may need to hang.

2. Clothesline Picture Hanging

Channel the sweet, simple life of hanging the laundry out to dry on a breezy summer day. Tie a string between two push pins, and use clothes pins to hang all your favorite pictures. You could also hang your ticket stubs, birthday cards, or anything else that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy.

3. Burlap Covered Head Board

A headboard just makes a bed look more put-together. That’s just fact. But it doesn’t have to be fancy, expensive, or even difficult. Check out this tutorial for how to make a covered headboard out of fabric and cardboard – no heavy tools required!

4.  Wood Crate Shelf

Wood crates make great shelves. Stack them however you like for cute, convenient cubbies. You could use them for shoes, books, or anything else you want to show off while you store it.

5. Loft Hammock

If you have the option, loft your bed. This gives you more space for your desk, shelves, an extra chair, or yes, even a hammock. Be VERY careful, and check with your RA first, but a hammock can be a great way to bring the country into your dorm room.