Forget the fancy glitz and glamour of New Years Eve. In the country, all you need is some good company, great food and drinks, music, and the perfect bonfire party to ring in the new year. Bonfires are laid back, relaxing, and simply unforgettable. Here are a few DIY tips to planing the perfect New Years Eve bonfire party.

1. Find the right location

Whether it’s at your Pap’s ranch, by the beach, or a registered campsite, you want to find the perfect location to ring in the new year. Is there a burn ban in effect? Have the conditions been fairly wet, windy, or dry? These are a few questions to consider when planning.

bonfire (1)

2. Prepare Easy & Tasty Food

A few simple, easy to prepare, DYI food items are frankfurters, burgers, smores, barbecue, beans, and anything that can be stored in a cooler. Plan your food items out ahead of time whether it’s something that can be prepared and chilled beforehand, or cooked by the fireside.


3. Use essential plates, cups, and storage

Some key essentials come with the plates, cups, and storage of your bonfire site. You want to keep drinks and perishable foods chilled at all times. Bring a cooler, trash bags/cans, and disposable cups, forks, and spoons to make cleanup easier, especially if you’re renting a campsite for the evening. You don’t want a hefty fine for the New Year.


4. Plan your signature Bonfire Party Outfit 

If you’re going to be outdoors for the evening and by the fireside, you want to make sure that you’re as comfy as can be. Hoodies, caps, and boots are a must. Keep it casual and low key.


5. Organize the Perfect Bonfire

Plan the right sized bonfire location. Some simple sticks will do the trick for something smaller and low key. Firewood works for a bonfire of a much larger scale. Be sure to use your best judgement when scaling the size of your fire. You don’t want things to get out of control or fizzle out before the night ends. Always be safe, and make sure to have a couple of experts around that can be on standby in case of emergency. Keep a cellphone or first aid kit on handy as well.


With these tips, we hope you have a thorough idea on how to start the perfect New Years Bonfire Party. What tips do you have? Leave us a comment!