Every Country Girl needs a good pair of cowboy boots, and even if you’ve lived in a town where cows out number people, anyone can still use some pointers on how to buy boots.

  1. Comfort matters!  If you feel like your foot is being strangled by an anaconda then you’ve got the wrong pair on. Your feet should always feel comfortable no matter what. Yes, the leather will break in, but don’t commit yourself to a very uncomfortable pair just because they look good. The most important factor is wearing a pair of boots that are comfortable.
  2. Are your toes being obliterated? Can’t feel your feet? Are your toes turning purple? That’s never a good sign. Toss that pair of boots into the trash can immediately. Always make sure your toes have a decent amount of wiggle room. Boots should not land you in the hospital.
  3. Buy a pair of boots that reflect your true style. On what occasions will you be wearing these boots? A wedding, Friday night at the Broken Spoke, a backyard barbecue? Boots are an investment piece. Make sure to purchase a pair that can be good for a variety of occasions.
  4. Ask for a second opinion. Be sure to ask around for specific styles or features that other friends look for in boots. This will help you better decide what type of boots are right for you.
  5. Don’t be afraid! Boots are meant to be worn with pride. Coordinate your outfits to compliment your boots. Remember to make them a staple piece in your wardrobe and never hide the fact that you’re a Country Girl at heart.

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