“She brings out the best in me,” said Brantley Gilbert on his new fiancé in an interview with 106.5 WYRK. Brantley talked about their wedding plans and how he went about proposing to his new fiancé.

“I had a plan, and I had a song. I wrote a song to her dad actually. It was called ‘Your Little Girl.’

Gilbert mentions that he and his fiancé’s Late father were ‘buddies,’ when Brantley started dating her daughter almost a decade before they were engaged. To ask for her hand in marriage, Brantley went to his grave site.

“I wrote him a song and actually stopped by and saw him at his grave that day, and put the song down, and that was my way I asked him.”

Brantley also mentioned a few details about the wedding. “She’s really good about including me. I’m getting to marry her that day, so I’m happy. I’m just trying to make sure that everything that goes on, plans and stuff like that, she gets what she wants and she’s going to be happy with it.”

Learn more details about Brantley’s big day by watching the entire interview below.


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