Sturgill Simpson played a packed show at Madison Theater in Covington, KY last weekend, and when the crowd got out of control, the singer stopped his entire set to break up a fight happening offstage.

‘Sometimes Wine,’ was the song the band was playing when the fight broke out. Simpson was a good sport about it, trying to keep the show going. Eventually, he chose to stop the show and help settle things down.

“Hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up … YOU!” Simpson shouted at the man who started the fight. “Hey, hey, hey. Come on now, everyone came to have a good time. It doesn’t matter who started it; all that matters is that it’s over …

After cheers from the crowd, the show carried on without further mishap. Simpson has better things to worry about, including a Grammy Nomination for the ‘Metamodern Sounds in Country Music’ record, and a new contract with Atlantic Records.

Hat’s off to you Sturgil for getting things under control, and protecting your fans! Watch the video below.


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