Burlap is a unique fabric. We see it a lot out in the country, particularly in animal feeds and potato sacks. But you’d be surprised at how burlap can really illuminate a Country themed wedding. Here are 12 ways to incorporate burlap into your decor.

1. Use a burlap wedding sign.

2. This Burlap Ring Bearer Pillow is a cut above the traditional style.

3. Ever think about wearing a burlap wedding sash? We think it’s cute!

4. A burlap altar is dramatic, unique, and rustic. The perfect staple for a Country Wedding.

5. Burlap candle holders add a cozy touch.

6. Decorate your wedding cake with a touch of burlap.

7. Burlap desert bars are way too cool.

8. You can’t forget the Save The Dates!

9. Walk down the aisle on a burlap runner.

10. Burlap soap wedding favors are a fantastic idea.

11. Create an outdoor wedding space of burlap.

12. A wedding reception isn’t complete without a memorable table setup.

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