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After 12 years since releasing the critically acclaimed album Up, Shania Twain revealed in a recent interview with the Las Vegas Sun, that she ready to get back into the studio.

“The success here in Las Vegas has given me a confidence that I have not had in years, even in past tours,” she said. “I really have been able to build up a lot more courage and a lot more confidence in myself. Yeah, I’m ready for more things now.”

Two-years in Vegas has given her the courage to stir up some new hits.

“Being with these giant crowds was very exciting, and it’s motivated me to carry on doing that,” she added.

Well Shania, we can’t wait to hear what’s in store! Are you excited about the new album? Leave us a comment!

Jason Aldean scored it big with “Burnin’ It Down.” The song has gone 1 for the 12th time and is featured on his new album, Old Boots, New Dirt.

But did you know this song was actually cowritten by Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard? It was supposed to be a hit for the group, but they couldn’t release it for a another year.

Tyler Hubbard told ABC News Radio “The timing was tough on it. We were listening to it one day, and I think it was B.K. that said, ‘Hey dude, I think Jason would kill this song. We should try to give it to him, and at least let him hear it.’

And the next thing they knew, he was cutting it.

The duo praised Jason for his take on the song, and have since seen tremendous success on their own with the chart topping hit “Dirt” and latest single, “Sun Daze.”

They are currently special guests on Aldean’s Burn It Down Tour.

Country Music fans know good music, and we get to attend some of the best concerts around. Here’s why Country Music Concerts are better than other concerts.

1. No Gimmicks

You’ll hardly every find ridiculous, over the top costume changes, acrobats, or twerking (except maybe for Luke Bryan).

2. Singers Actually Sing

There’s no lipsynching going on, just raw, real country music.

3. Tailgating 

It’s a must! Get your tailgate on before the show.

4. They Always Feel Intimate

Whether it’s the humble personality of your favorite Country artist or the acoustic sound of the guitar, Country Music concerts always feel intimate no matter how big the crowd.

5. It’s A Celebration of Culture & Roots

Country Music is not just a genre of music, it’s a way of life.

6. It’s Fun For The Entire Family

Moms and dads, kids, and grandparents. The whole family can go to a Country concert and have a good time.

7. The Memories

You’ll never forget your first Country Music concert.

Happy birthday to Country Music legend Alan Jackson who celebrates his 56th birthday today. In honor of his remarkable career, we’ve compiled the top 8 songs that defined his career over the years. What’s your favorite Alan Jackson hit? Leave us a comment.

8. “Chattahoochee” 

This song is a fun look back at times and coming of age experiences that are universal for nearly everyone.

7. “Drive (For Daddy Gene)”

The title song and second single from ‘Drive’ told yet another simple, story we can all relate to, with Alan looking back on beautiful memories with his father.

6. “It’s Five O’ Clock Somewhere”
The song is simple. It’s okay to have a drink anytime of the day!

5. “Little Bitty”

‘Little Bitty’ is another simple song that talks about the everyday joys of the simple life.

4. “Here in the Real World”

After his first single failed, the title song and second single from his debut album rocketed to No. 3 in the country charts.

3. “Gone Country”

Tons of industry folk flocked to Nashville in the 90s to cash in on the Country Music craze. This song is a satire of those people including a struggling country singer.

2. “Remember When” 

Jackson again uses his own life experiences and turns them into songs his fans can truly relate to.

1. “Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)”

He debuted this single live at the CMA Awards to a standing ovation. The release became not only a No. 1 hit, but one of the greatest career-defining moments of his career.

It’s the drink that tells a story in countless country songs. Whether you’re in love, angry at some boy, or ready for a night of partying, here are 9 songs made for people who love whiskey.

1. ‘Whiskey Lullaby,’ Brad Paisley

2. ‘Round Here,’ Florida Georgia Line

3. ‘Burnin’ It Down,’ Jason Aldean

4. ‘Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound,’ Hank Williams, Jr

5. ‘Jack Daniels,‘ Eric Church

6. ‘Sunshine and Whiskey,’ Frankie Ballard

7. ‘You Don’t Know Jack,’ Luke Bryan

8. ‘You Ain’t Worth The Whiskey,’ Cole Swindell,

9. ‘Jack Daniels,’ Miranda Lambert

Florida Georgia Line rocked it out on the Today Show this morning performing their #1 hit “Dirt.”

Before kicking off the show, the duo talked about the two most important things in their lives, their fiancés and their dogs, along with their undeniable longtime friendship.

“We met each other in college and kind of hit it off and became best friends,” said Tyler Hubbard.

Congrats boys! With a friendship like that it’s no wonder they’ve come so far. Watch their live performance and full interview below.