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Which Country Music Artist Is This- (1)


1. She’s a Kansas girl born and bread.


2. At the age of 9 she began singing with her father’s band “The Shifftlers.”


3. As a teenager she began performing with a rock band called “The Penetrators.”


4. She used to help sell Garth Brooks souvenirs.


5. She has sold over 14 million albums and is 14 time Grammy Awards nominee.


It’s Martina McBride!


Winter is almost here! This means we’re getting more and more excited for Country Winter Weddings! Here are a few reasons why celebrating eternal love is so great this time of year.

1. You can have a beautiful table scape like this…








2. Playing in the snow makes for a spectacular time (and photo).







3. Wearing plaid with your wedding dress isn’t weird, but extremely beautiful.









4. Fur and crochet shawls make for the perfect bridesmaid accessories.









5. Sapphire blue never looked better!









6. Cake.










7. Jingle bells, pine leaves, and red are the perfect decor.









8. There’s nothing quite as magical.

Screenshot 2014-11-05 13.23.20What should you carry in your new concealed carry? When it comes to purchasing a handgun be sure to always consult with a professional beforehand.

One of the most important factors is the gun’s weight. You don’t want to feel uncomfortable lugging it around, and you don’t want to be limited when it comes to protecting yourself.

Get the lightest handgun you can, but be aware that heavier guns tend to have less of a noticeable recoil which in return might offer a more favorable shoot.

If your gun is super-lightweight, do not be be tempted to set your purse down at any costs or leave it behind, or unattended when out and about.

Always plan ahead of time when and where you will need your concealed carry. You don’t want your bag to become uncomfortably heavy.

Based on reviews. Here are 3 concealed carry guns we recommend for women. Again please keep in mind that it’s essential to find the right pistol that works for you. Always consult with a professional beforehand.

1) Sig P239 .40S&W


The Sig grips and conceals well for most women.

2) S&W M&P Shield .40 S&W


This pistol is affordable, reliable, and conceals adequately.

3) H&K P2000SK .40 S&W


A beautifully engineered little pistol that carries well in a purse or IWB holster.

These are just a few of the recommendations from the experts. Always practice safety and consult with a professional beforehand.

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anna_miglio_LG003You don’t have to live in the Country to be a Country Girl®. Country Girl® is a state of mind as well as a lifestyle. You can live in the Hamptons or Nashville Tennessee.

Country Girls® love the outdoors, are independent, down to earth, romantic, sensual, yet horseshoe tough. Country Girls® are just as comfortable watching a sunset on the beach or horseback riding on the trail.  She was a tomboy as a girl, ran barefoot, caught butterflies and walked through the rain without an umbrella. She is Sassy and genuine.

Country Girls® love muddin, bonfires, know how to shoot.

Country Girls® exude a quiet confidence and ease of being; a love of nature and classic style.

  • You don’t have to be from the Country to be a Country Girl

You don’t have to live in the Country to be a Country Girl®. Country Girl® is a state of mind as well as a lifestyle. You can live in the Hamptons or Nashville Tennessee.


  • You need a great pair of boots. A. They need to be comfortable and stylish and classy.
  • Work all day and play all night but keep great hygiene. Hint:  Country Girl Dream perfume is awesome !!!   Showers are good with natural soaps and shampoo. No harsh chemicals for Country Girls
  • Hair should be natural and makeup should be minimal. Country Girls are natures best friend so your look should reflect this.
  • Work and play as much as possible outdoors. Not only does the sun give us a healthy glow it also gives us a great dose of vitamin D.  Make sure however that you are wearing a good SPF sun blocker to protect your skin
  • Don’t be afraid to get dirty.  Country Girls love to play. Bonfires, muddin, anything outdoors.
  • Love animals but respect them. WE love dogs and horses.
  • Country Girls have attitude, Sass. We don’t let people push us around and we are PROUD Of it. We are nice and respectful but don’t’ Mess with a Country Girl, you will be sorry.
  • God and Country mean a lot to us.
  • Most importantly we are Proud to be a Country Girl

Enter our Country Girl of the Month Contest Here. 

We can’t wait to see the looks Carrie Underwood has in store for us at the CMAs. Our heart gushes whenever we see her in a fancy dress! Here’s how we ranked some of her top, iconic looks. Photos courtesy of Rick Diamond, Getty Images

7. Disco inspired

6. Emerald elegance.

5. Flower Power.

4. Ice Queen.

3. Fancy Orange

2. Nude Sophistication

1. Belle of The Ball

What’s your favorite look from Carrie? Leave us a comment!

Are you new to cowboy boots, or looking for a new pair? How do you go about deciding what boot styles work for you? Here is our style guide for 8 cowboy boot styles every Country Girl needs.

1. A full studded boot.

These boots are handcrafted in chocolate distressed leather for an aged appearance and showcases eye-catching studs on the tall shafts and on the wingtip overlay to create a fashionable must-have.

2. Rhinestone Cowboy Boots

Life’s a rodeo, and these boots are made to enjoy the ride. An array of rhinestones and studs add some sparkle to the premium leather uppers. Subtle touches on the medallion and heel give these Country Girls some uptown style.

3. Sequence Boots

The hand-stitched sequin butterfly detail on these stunning distressed brown leather Corral Boots exemplifying some of the highest craftsmanship. There are eye-catching details such as scalloped shaft and, most importantly, the crystal accents. Great to wear with any black or brown outfit!

4. Embroidered Boots

Kick up some fun with one of our favorite boots featuring a rich, hand-distressed brown leather foot and shaft accented with intricate turquoise floral embroidery. Tuck in your jeans and make a statement with these trendy, versatile boots or pair them with a dress or skirt to truly show off these best-selling and top fitting boots!

5. Boots With A Vintage Twist

This beautifully handcrafted Corral boot features genuine exotic Teju lizard inlays beneath vintage-style black goat leather – no two are alike! A touch of brown floral embroidery adds a hint of delicacy, while exotic lizard inlay graces the foot, upper, and shaft. In addition to lookin’ stylish, this boot has a modern snip toe, a lightly cushioned insole for walking comfort, and a single stitched welt.
6. Boots With Flair & Sass

Get some funk in your step with these special winged cross inlay boots with metal stud accents and elevated Swarovski crystals! Distressed black leather snip toe boots feature a black cross with pink inlayed wings on the front and back of the shaft, as well as, the toe and heel. Lined with comfortable leather, these boots will mold to your feet as you wear them in.

7. Fatbaby Boots

We love wearing them with jeans working in the dirt, out for a night on the rodeo, or with a dress having dinner with the gals.

8. Good Ole Legendary Boots

Nothing beats a traditional cowboy boot meant for both working hard and having fun! We will always love this style, look, and feel.

What’s your style?

Leave us a comment!

We figured you needed this on a Monday. Here are 10 farm animals that are so ready for sweater weather. The cold never bothered them anyway.

1. This little fur ball.

2. This little piggy.

3. This chicken!


5. These little ponies!

6. This fluffly little bunny.

7. Meow. This kitty!

8. More chickens!

9. This little guy.

10. And this fella over here.