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Miranda Lambert spoke with Country 106.5 WYRK about her disagreements on her husband Blake Shelton when it comes to The Voice, and some of her biggest pet peeves.

“I watch The Voice as an absolute fan. I don’t get any inside information because I’d rather just watch it as a fan, but sometimes it’s like, why did you say that? Or, why did you turn around on that one -that wasn’t any good! Or, why didn’t you turn around? So yeah, I definitely have my opinions.”

Miranda went on to reveal a few details on how her husband can rub her the wrong way. “He’s very witty, and he always has a comeback for everything.”

Watch the whole interview below, and learn more details about her upcoming tour dates.


The Academy Awards came and went this week, but we’ve got a very special Throwback Thursday from none other than Reba McEntire.

At the 1991 Oscars, Reba McEntire performed “I’m Checkin’ Out” from Postcards from the Edge nominated for Best Original Song, written by Shel Silverstine.

No one could rock that big hair and black velvet like Reba. Watch the stunning performance below.


Wynonna Judd and her band are counting their blessings today. On Wednesday night (Feb. 25) something went wrong when her tour bus generator caught on fire. Thankfully, the crew was not on the bus which was headed out to a show at the American Music Theater in Lancaster, PA.

Judd broke the news on Twitter expressing her gratitude that they were all safe in 7 different reasons. We are so glad you are all okay, stay safe on the road Wynonna!

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It’s hard not to love the funny, and unforgettable “Girl In A Country Song,” video from Maddie & Tae. The girls broke onto the scene making an “anti-bro country” statement and took the song to #1 on the Billboard Country Charts.

Their latest music video “Fly,” is quite the contrast and instead demonstrates the duo’s strength both as vocalists and in dealing with heavier subject matter.

“Just like we didn’t want our second single to be like our first one, we didn’t want our second video to be anything like our first one, which was so fun,” Tae Dye told Country Music is Love.

Will the duo hit gold once again with their latest single? Watch the video below, and leave a comment:




The Oscars was filled with unforgettable performances from various artists, including our Country Boy Tim McGraw, who took the stage on Sunday evening, paying tribute to country legend Glen Campbell.

McGraw delivered a stunning and heartfelt version of Campbell’s final song, “I’m Not Gonna Miss You.” Campbell now suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, was unable to perform the Oscar nominated song. At the family’s request, they invited McGraw to perform the number that evening. Dressed in a sharp tuxedo with his signature cowboy hat, McGraw sang the song on a stool in the center of a simply lit stage.

“The family’s incredible, and the song is really special, and I’m honored to be here to do it,” said McGraw.

“I’m Not Gonna Miss You,” written by Glen Campbell and producer Julian Raymond is included in the sound track of “I’ll Be Me” a documentary which details Campbell’s life and last tour after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The song was awarded as Best Country Song at the 2015 Grammy Awards.

Watch the unforgettable performance below:

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Dear Lord, where do we begin? When you put Blake Shelton and Adam Levine in the same room, and leave them to their own devices, very interesting things happen (to say the least).

Remember this past Christmas, when Taylor Swift’s gift giving campaign went viral across the internet? Well, Adam came up with the brilliant idea of “one-upping” Swift with a similar gift giving extravaganza.

You won’t believe what gifts they had in mind for fans of The Voice. It’s the thought that counts, right? Watch the video below: