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1. This Country Music Star was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma

2. Athletics was his main focus as a young adult. He received a track scholarship to Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, where he competed in the javelin.

3. He has a degree in advertising.

4. Although he never achieved great success like that in music, he had a short career in baseball.

5. He is known as the ‘Artist of The 90’s’

Can you guess who it is?

It’s Garth Brooks!

Burlap is a unique fabric. We see it a lot out in the country, particularly in animal feeds and potato sacks. But you’d be surprised at how burlap can really illuminate a Country themed wedding. Here are 12 ways to incorporate burlap into your decor.

1. Use a burlap wedding sign.

2. This Burlap Ring Bearer Pillow is a cut above the traditional style.

3. Ever think about wearing a burlap wedding sash? We think it’s cute!

4. A burlap altar is dramatic, unique, and rustic. The perfect staple for a Country Wedding.

5. Burlap candle holders add a cozy touch.

6. Decorate your wedding cake with a touch of burlap.

7. Burlap desert bars are way too cool.

8. You can’t forget the Save The Dates!

9. Walk down the aisle on a burlap runner.

10. Burlap soap wedding favors are a fantastic idea.

11. Create an outdoor wedding space of burlap.

12. A wedding reception isn’t complete without a memorable table setup.

“Excuse me horse, are you lost?”

Cheshire Police in Northwest England had a very special visitor stop by their headquarters earlier this week. A brown and white horse from a nearby field walked into the station very casually. Maybe they wouldn’t notice?

Though it was a brief stay, this horse managed to leave a memorable impression on the night staff.

Superintendent Peter Crowcroft made a clever statement on the unexpected visit.

“We were somewhat saddled with our unexpected guest, who in the early hours of the morning quickly became the mane event of the night shift,” Crowcroft said in a statement. “We like to ensure a warm welcome to all our guests at HQ, and at neigh point did the horse pose a risk to security and appeared to be a well cared for animal.”

The visit was all captured on camera.

1. This Canadian girl went on to be one of the most commercially successful artists of all time.

2. She’s won 5 Grammy Awards

3. She’s sold over 85 million albums worldwide

4. She has the best selling Country Music Album of all time.

5. At the age of 22 her parents were killed in a car accident and she had to support her siblings by performing at a nearby resort.

6.  She is know as the Queen of Country Pop Music.

Can you guess who this is?

It’s Shania Twain!


It doesn’t matter how big of a celebrity you might become, every star still freaks out when they meet another artist they truly admire.

Dierks Bentley recently shared with  Rolling Stone Magazine some of his biggest ‘fan girl’ moments when meeting his Country Music idols.

One story we couldn’t help but die of laughter from was the time he met Allison Krauss and Dolly Parton while working in the studio.

“Alison Krauss is probably my Number One. She came into the studio to sing on my first record. Dolly Parton was there, too. My dog Jake ran up to Dolly Parton and he put his nose up her skirt. We were like, ‘Oh my God, don’t do that.’ I didn’t know Dolly and she said, ‘Watch out there little doggie, don’t start something you can’t finish.'”
Now that’s the classic quick-witted Dolly we all have grown to love. But if there’s anyone who could put a silly old dog in it’s place, that would be Dolly Parton.

He’s the “King of Country Music,’ but how well do you know George Strait? We scoured the web and put together 10 things you never knew about this Country Music icon.

1. George Strait started off his singing career in a rock ‘n roll garage band inspired by The Beatles.

2. After enlisting in the United States Army, Strait performed with the Army sponsored band “Rambling Country.”

3. He graduated with a degree in agriculture from Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos.

4. Strait is third only to Elvis Presley and The Beatles with the most gold and platinum albums in the history of music.

5. He won his first Grammy in 2009, nearly 28 years into his music career for Country Album of the Year: Troubadour.

6. Along with his son, he is a member of the PRCA and partners in team roping competitions

7. May 18, Strait’s birthday, is known as  “George Strait Day” in Texas.

8. In more than 30 years of recording, all have been spent with MCA Records.

9. He is the only artist to ever win the entertainer of the year in three different decades and also was the oldest winner.

10. Although extremely successful, George’s cover of “Amarillo By Morning” only peaked at #4 on the Billboard Country Charts.

Diapers. Not fun.

A recently pregnant Carrie Underwood is prepping for motherhood and among the tasks she needs to be ready for is diaper changing. Watch her take the diaper challenge on America’s Morning Show.

Don’t worry Carrie, we’re not sure where the “front” is either. We’re rooting for you!

Carrie also recently released her newest single “Something In The Water” off her upcoming greatest hits album


Some ladies like a clean cut man, other’s like a little fuzz to keep them warm. In this interview Tim McGraw talks about growing gray, why he won’t do “Just For Men,” and the real reason why Faith Hill likes his grizzly beard.
Beard or no beard, Tim is undeniably one of the hottest male Country Music artists of all time.

What do you ladies think? Should he keep the fuzz?