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Country Girls come in all shapes and sizes, but there’s one thing we all have in common. We love a great pair of blue jeans.

Here are 5 tips on finding the right pair of jeans no matter what your body type.

1. Don’t Buy Jeans That Are Too Small or Too Big

Be sure to find a pair that fit just right on the waist. Denim will work with your body tight so long as you stay within these guidelines. Try on several pairs in different brands. Just because the size number is the same doesn’t mean all brands will fit you the same.

2. Recognize Your Body Type

If you want to find a pair of jeans that make you feel great, you need to first identify your body type.

* If you carry most of your weight on top, try on a pair of boot leg jeans with a small flare. This will balance out your bottom half.

* For those girls that are more bottom heavy, avoid slim-fit jeans at all costs. They will only enhance your bottom area. Instead, go for a straight legged jean. Your legs will look longer and thinner.

* If you’re a thin girl, try on a pair of rectangular skinny, or wide leg jeans.

3. Try Out Different Washes

* Darker Wash jeans can be dressed up for a night on on the town and provide a more slimming look.

* Medium Wash denim provides a more casual – daytime look.

* A Light Wash Jean or Stone Wash or give a more rugged/rocker Country Girl look.

Have fun with it!

4. Pay Attention To The Rise

A low rise jean that sits below the waist can get you in trouble. Make note of how they look like when you take a seat. You don’t want to turn heads for the wrong reasons.

A high waisted jean can provide a slimming effect on the waist.

With a mid-rise jean, you’ll need to be careful with the fit. If they’re too tight, this can create the illusion of a “muffin top” and make you look bulgy at the waist.

5. Comfort Matters

This is the most important tip of all. If you can’t breathe in your jeans, get rid of them immediately! Listen to your body. If your jeans are leaving marks on your skin, then they’re too tight. If you’re having to pull them up every 10 seconds, you’ll need a different fit. Jeans should always be comfortable.

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It’s the first day of Fall and we want you to be well prepared for the season, so we picked out a handful of must haves for your closet. Get excited!

1. One More Signature Graphic Tee

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Summer might be over, but for Southern Girls there’s still room for a cute graphic tee. We recommend pairing this with a cardigan or jacket if you live in a cooler region. Get the look here.

2. Scarves, Scarves, Scarves!

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Fall is pretty much the happiest time of the year because, scarves. Try a bold patter with paisley or camo, or just keep it simple. Get the look here. 
3. The Most Comfortable Hoodie Of All Time

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4. Anything With Angel Wings

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Don’t leave your house without your angel wings! We can’t say that enough times. Get the look here.

5. Denims With A Twist

Every Country Girl needs the perfect pair of blue jeans. Embellishments and a unique wash are big for fall. We’ve got the right fit and boot cut. Get the look here.

6. Accessories that say “wow.”

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Don’t they say ‘wow’ to you? Get the look here. 
7. An awesome pair of boots.

What we love so much about cowboy boots is that there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a simple Country Girl or want a little pizzaz in your step. Get the look here.

8. An Outfit That Tells A Story.

What does your outfit say about you? Make a statement this fall by telling a story with your favorite Country Girl gear. Need help on the style side? Here are some some ideas. 

Country Music Superstar Faith Hill celebrates her 46 birthday today, and can we say that she gets more and more beautiful with age? Take a look at her career throughout the years.

In 1993 Faith Hill burst onto the Country Music scene with the album “Take Me As I Am.” She went on to win the Top Female Vocalist award at the Academy of Country Music Awards.

In 1996 the songbird fell in love and married Country Music Superstar Tim McGraw on October 6 of that year. Since being married they have vowed to never spend more than 3 days apart. Wow! She later gave birth to her first daughter Gracie.

1998 was a major turning point in Faith’s career. She scored her first ever pop crossover hit with “This Kiss” which peaked at #7 on the charts.

The follow up to her pop crossover breakthrough was “Breathe” released in 1999. The track reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. We began to see a sexier side of Faith Hill.

In 2001 after getting her hair braided in the French West Indies, it became brittle and dry. Faith decided to chop it all off and sported this radical blunt bob haircut – one of the most talked about haircuts at the time. She later admitted that this was one of her most favorite haircuts. In 2002 she received a Grammy Award for the album “Cry.”

The Country Girl was back in 2005 with the album “Fireflies,” including the No. 1 ‘Mississippi Girl.’ Her look began to mature.

In 2011 Faith Hill released her new single “Come Home” at the 2011 CMA Awards.

At the 2014 ACM Awards Faith Hill made an appearance with dark blonde locks and a beautiful smokey blue gown proving that the Country Music star is truly a timeless beauty.

Happy Birthday Faith!

Every Country Girl needs a good pair of cowboy boots, and even if you’ve lived in a town where cows out number people, anyone can still use some pointers on how to buy boots.

  1. Comfort matters!  If you feel like your foot is being strangled by an anaconda then you’ve got the wrong pair on. Your feet should always feel comfortable no matter what. Yes, the leather will break in, but don’t commit yourself to a very uncomfortable pair just because they look good. The most important factor is wearing a pair of boots that are comfortable.
  2. Are your toes being obliterated? Can’t feel your feet? Are your toes turning purple? That’s never a good sign. Toss that pair of boots into the trash can immediately. Always make sure your toes have a decent amount of wiggle room. Boots should not land you in the hospital.
  3. Buy a pair of boots that reflect your true style. On what occasions will you be wearing these boots? A wedding, Friday night at the Broken Spoke, a backyard barbecue? Boots are an investment piece. Make sure to purchase a pair that can be good for a variety of occasions.
  4. Ask for a second opinion. Be sure to ask around for specific styles or features that other friends look for in boots. This will help you better decide what type of boots are right for you.
  5. Don’t be afraid! Boots are meant to be worn with pride. Coordinate your outfits to compliment your boots. Remember to make them a staple piece in your wardrobe and never hide the fact that you’re a Country Girl at heart.

Planning a wedding? We’ve got the perfect guide to help you add that Country Girl twist to your big day. Here are a few of our favorite ideas.

1. Find the perfect dress.

2. Use flowers from the farm for your bouquet.

3. Mason jars make great center pieces.

4. Throw a little bit of camo in there.

5. Get creative with wedding photos.

6. Book the perfect venue.

7. Wear the cutest lingerie. Click here to shop.
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Sometimes when the world gets a little funny, Pop Music goes Country. Here are our top favorite Country covers of famous pop songs.

1. Just The Way You Are – Dustin Lynch

2. Luke Bryan – Apologize

3. Someone Like You – David Nail

4. Landslide – Dixie Chicks

5. I Could Not Ask For More – Sara Evans

6. Irreplaceable – Sugarland

7. Wake Me Up – Tebey Featuring Emerson Drive

8. Dance Again – by Elisa Anna featuring Lucas de Mattos

Yup. We will have these songs on repeat all day! Got any other suggestions? Leave in the comments below.

It’s no surprise that these ladies are still very beautiful when you take away the fake eyelashes, lipstick, and fancy clothes. Country Girls are simply gorgeous! Here are 6 Country Music Stars without makeup.

1. Reba McEntire

2. LeAnn Rimes

3. Kacey Musgraves

4. Sarah Evans

5. Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles

6. Miranda Lambert

Now they are some beautiful Country Girls!

Images Courtesy of Taste of Country.

Miranda Lambert is our queen. Strong, sassy, sweet and somethin’ else–she’s a one of a kind woman, and she should be everybody’s role model. She’s certainly a role model for our CG Girls.


Miranda is an Annie. I mean, literally, she’s a Pistol Annie. Annie is soft and feminine, but confident as all hell.

When Miranda pulls out her pink guitar and sparkly boots, paired with a cute dress, she’s definitely an Annie.

Miranda proves you can be strong AND soft, fierce and feminine. That makes her Annie’s idol.


Miranda is a Charley. Charley is classic country: hardworking and tough as nails. That’s our Miranda, too.

Charley wears boots and jeans, not for style but for the mud she works in.

Miranda is the hero of her own story, and doesn’t need to be saved. Charley is just the same!


Miranda is an Etta. She loves nature, and sees beauty in all things.

If you know anything about her relationship with Blake Shelton, you know Miranda has a flair for the romantic, and Etta is just the same.

Don’t let her delicate beauty fool you: Miranda–and Etta–are independent Country Girls.


Miranda is a Jane. She’s got a wild streak in her. Like a set-your-shit-on-fire, laugh-as-it-burns wild streak.

Jane lives for the moment, and is all about being young and having fun.

The last thing Jane needs is someone to slow her down. She’ll never settle, just like Miranda.

What’s your favorite side of Miranda? Which CG Girl are you? Tell us in the comments!