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After watching all these videos we feel for these Country Music superstars. Life on stage is not all glitz and glamour. Nobody is perfect, and sometimes you might take a good fall on stage. Here are 7 Country Music artists who are a little more clumsy than you think!

1. Carrie Underwood

2. Tim McGraw

3. Miranda Lambert

4. Dierks Bentley

5. Taylor Swift

6. Hunter Hayes

7. Luke Bryan

September was a weird month for Country Music. Just see for yourself!
1. Blake Shelton went to work at Pizza Hut.

2. He also did a strange, but hilarious lip synch on the the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

3. Willie Nelson showed us a crazy card trick.

4. Dierks Bentley was ‘Living On A Prayer.”

5. Miranda Lambert opened up her own bed and breakfast in Oklahoma called The Ladysmith.

6. Luke Bryan had a corn maze made in his own image.

7. Brantley Gilbert became an ordained minister and wants to marry off his fans at an upcoming show.

8. Dustin Lynch fell at one of his shows. At least that’s what we think it looks like.

(Ok, let’s add just two more reasons to make this even more awkward.)

9. Kellie Pickler is the new voice for Mirabelle in the newest VeggieTales movie.

10. And RaeLynn became a unicorn (sort of).


Breaking in your cowboy boots is perhaps the most important part in ownership. After surfing the web, we found a number of crazy ways to break in boots. Hot water, baby powder, cooking oil, rubbing alcohol… What is going on out there???

Although there are many “creative” ways to breaking in boots, we recommend these safe methods to minimize risk of damage.

1. Wear Them.

Yes. It’s that simple. Just wear them. However don’t wear them for an extended period of time in a single day. Wear them around the house and let them adjust to your feet.

2. Wear Them With A Comfortable Sock

Putting on a pair of socks will help stretch your boots out and help prevent blisters from happening. Again, wear your boots for short periods of time throughout the day.

3. Increase The Amount Time Worn

After a few days of walking around in your boots, increase the length of time you wear them by an hour every week.

4. Professional Boot Stretching

If you have no time to spare at all, then we recommend taking them to a professional boot cobbler. There is less risk in damaging your new boots when taking them to a professional.

Have any tips of your own? Leave them in the comments below!


Carrie Underwood is back with “Something In The Water,” the latest single off her upcoming Greatest Hits Album produced by Mark Bright.
Underwood, who wrote this song along with Chris DeStefano, and Brett James  says. “It’s joyous! I can’t help but smile when I hear it. I hope it has the same effect on everyone who listens to it.”

We agree, this song is pure, classic Carrie -the perfect mix of stunning vocals and a catchy melody. Take a listen to Carrie Underwood’s brand new single “Something In The Water.”

Let us know your thoughts on the single in the comments below!


A decade after auditioning for American Idol Carrie Underwood revealed on the Today Show that she will be releasing a greatest hits album “Decade #1” on December 9.

The album will be a selection from her 18 #1 singles along with new material. “Something In The Water” will be the first single off the album with a digital release on Monday September 29.

“‘Something in the Water’ is so inspirational,” Carrie says. “It’s joyous! I can’t help but smile when I hear it. I hope it has the same effect on everyone who listens to it.”

Congrats Carrie! In honor of this accomplishment, we’ve compiled a list of her top 5 greatest live performances. Enjoy!

1. “Alone” (live from American Idol 2005)

2. ” I Know You Won’t ” (live at The People’s Choice Awards 2009)

3. “Blown Away” (Live At The CMA Awards 2012)

4. “Before He Cheats” (Blown Away Live Tour)

5. “How Great Thou Art” Featuring Vince Gill ( Live At The CMA Awards 2011)


The weekend is here! Whether you’re heading to your favorite pub for happy hour, dancing the night away at the local saloon, or staying in with the girls for ice cream and a movie, we all need that one song to kick things in gear. Here are 10 Country Girl anthems to jumpstart your weekend.

1. I Feel Like A Woman – Shania Twain

Yes, it’s a little more on the Country Pop side, but you can’t deny this song is the greatest guilty pleasure of any Country Girl. Party on.

2. Miranda Lambert – Somethin’ Bad ft. Carrie Underwood.

These girls are a forced to be reckoned with. When they come together, all men head towards the hills.

3. Dolly Parton – Dumb Blonde.

This dumb blonde ain’t nobody’s fool. Here’s a classic from the legend Dolly.

4. Martina McBride – This One’s For The Girls

Yeah we’re all the same inside, from 1 to 99. Tell it Martina!

5. Gretchen Wilson – Redneck Woman

Some weekends you’re just too worked up to get all cute and nice. Your inner Gretchen Wilson must be released.

6. Miranda Lambert – Platinum

What doesn’t kill you, only makes you blonder. What’s not to love about “Platinum?”

7. Dixie Chicks – Ready To Run

After a long week, what’s all this talk about love? It’s Friday, and you don’t want to hear it. The Dixie Chicks lay it down perfectly with one.

8. Kellie Pickler – Tough

Maybe you’re mad at your parents, a boyfriend, or your boss? Hold your head up. you ain’t never been nothing but tough.

9. Carrie Underwood – Good Girl

To all the “good girls” out there, don’t be so blind this weekend! Listen to your inner Carrie.

10. LeAnn Rimes – One Way Ticket

And if you’re taking a road trip with the girls, get this hit on your playlist now!

What are your Country Girl anthems? Leave your picks in the comments below.

It’s time for a look back at the Country Music Charts this Throwback Thursday.

September 25, 1994

On this day back in 1994 a man by the name of Joe Diffie was blowing up the Country Music Charts with the #1 hit single “Third Rock From The Sun.” To all the youngsters reading, watch the video with an open mind will you? 🙂

Joe Diffie – Third Rock From The Sun 

I’m sure we can all agree that no one had it easy back then with the mullet. Let’s flash forward ten years shall we?

September 25, 2004

Keith Urban scored his 5th number one single with “Days Go By” back in 2004, and days do in fact go by when you realize that this song is over 10 years old!

Keith Urban – Days Go By

This was a look back at the top hits from the past two decades on this Throwback Thursday.

He’s sexy, smart, and we love his music. Here are 7 surprising facts you might not know about Country Music star Jake Owen.
1. Jake Owen’s name isn’t Jake, it’s Joshua.

2. He has a fraternal twin named Jarrod.

3. As a teenager, Jake was a professional golfer and won his first tournament at age 15.

4. After a wakeboarding accident, Jake took a break from golfing to recover from his surgery and borrowed a neighbors guitar. He taught himself how to play and soon started gigging at local venues.

5. He proposed to his wife on stage (without an engagement ring) while performing his hit song ‘Don’t Think I Can’t Love You.’

6. He has two dogs Vern and Merle who is his travel companion.

7. The tattoo on his arm is of his wife’s lips (lucky her).

BONUS: His abs looks like this…